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Markingplan is an Albanian Architecture Firm, set up in Tirana in 2002. Since then, the multi-disciplinary team of architects and engineers has been working in a large variety of projects providing integrated Full Disciplines Design and Project Management.
Their knowledge, experience, and team spirit have been maturing and tested for more than fifteen years.

The team puts its devotion to understand, predict, and materialize the requirements of private and public Clients, at the highest professional level, supporting them to achieve the best out of their investments.


Locally and abroad, we have developed numerous internationally contracted projects financed by IFI-s, for what we have been certified with “Attest of Quality Service” by EU Delegation, Albania.


Our special interest in building’s energy efficiency and other aspects of environmentally friendly design has led us to extended knowledge related to the matters. Several of our works obviously illustrate it.

Working to create space for the others is a privilege that inspires us explore the limitless space of the architectural thought, aiming the simplest ideas.
Throughout our works you may percept our architecture approach shaped by a variety of solutions, sizes, materials used, as well as our architectural language.
However they differ, most likely you may realize that we work for the light.
We believe in details, that´s why we develop our projects responsibly elaborated to the finest details, so to assure that the refinement and sustainability of buildings, will be precisely reached.
Through years, we have been involved in the detailed design of a rich variety of projects, locally and internationally managed and financed, including important large scale ones.
Not limited to our designs, we have also detailed projects designed by international studios, built in Albania, Kosovo, BiH, Greece, Switzerland, etc.
We do possess advanced knowledge of updated technologies, materials, and manufacturers that support the construction industry, keeping close observation to the market updates.
Balance of light and cold, durability of the transparent are subjects that we often work on.
We have a dedicated department of facade experts who develop the design up to complete shop drawings and other technical-contractual documents for the manufacturing and installation of the facade.
Due to years of experience and the access to the most updated developments in the facade industry, the department has gained advanced knowledge of requirements, performance, materials, safety, efficiency, costs and of course, aesthetic values of facade.
Upon the contracts’ options, we provide assistance, technical design, supervision and/or management of façade installation.
It seems that the structure has its own intelligence. Sometimes it shows intolerance to immature architectural ideas, but it also, unbelievably gives life to limitless imagination.
We have built with stone, concrete, steel, aluminum, glulam, glass, tensioned membranes, meanwhile we search for others.
Detailed steelworks remains an important reference for us.
Thanks to engagement of advanced customized software, our structures are real time cost estimated and low cost managed during implementation.
Energy can chance form but never disappear. But still it shouldn’t be misspent.
We have designed, supervised and/or managed the installations of the most updated systems for large scale projects including: commercial centers, operation theatre hospitals, international brand hotels, office buildings, schools, etc.
From one project to another, we explore the limits of building’s energy efficiency as well as the developments of the advanced management systems.
We are proud to have initiated the application of geothermal systems integrated with sun energy gathering, building a few passive houses in the country.
We offer these services under local or PRAG regulations, as well as under special contractual terms when required.